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Testimonies from some of our clients

All the testimonies we present are real and can be verified at any time. Most of our clients have full service: domain management, web hosting, customized email and maintenance among other services.

By concentrating all the services in one company, the communication becomes easier, there is a gain in time and the prices will decrease.

M@is3 guarantees the best Quality/Price relationship.


  05.2018 - Europneumaq Lda. - We are an engineering company located in Vila Nova de Gaia that offers a set of integrated solutions and services for the industry with strong emphasis in the Development and Implementation of Custom Projects and Support to the Continuous Improvement.

At the end of 2016 we contacted M@is3 with the aim of renewing our website, making it more intuitive, responsive and customer focused.

What started with a simple exchange of information about the kind of experience we wanted to provide visitors to our site quickly became a partnership, and M@is3 was one of the few companies that granted us the complete freedom to program in any Platform - Joomla, Wordpress, Prestashop, php, html5.

In the end, the best solution found was even a new site programmed completely from scratch. ​ ​

In this aspect, it was fundamental the advice of the team of M@is3 professionals and their perfect understanding of our expectations, as well as a great value for money in all the services they provide and an exceptional Help Desk.

Of note is the service, the perseverance and the ability to go around the project and always find the best solution.

In addition to the construction of the website, we have also become partners in the level of web hosting, cloud services and consulting at the level of email signatures, newsletters and branding.

An SME capable of surpassing the "big ones" and providing a service of excellence and rigor, based on a relationship of trust. Undoubtedly, a partner we recommend.

  05.2018 - In Delk Açores, Lda., We bet on the quality of our services, counting on a team motivated and technically qualified, to match the requirement of the rigorous activities that it performs.

We have a structure of distribution, marketing and promotion of products that aims to respond quickly, rigorously and effectively, to the needs of the market, National and international

We have been working with M@is3 for more than 6 years and we have 4 websites made by them, all of them with an excellent quality / price ratio. About 1 year we need to make more logos for our group of companies as well as advertising placards, but once again it was amazing that they present us with exactly what we wanted, without delays and meetings for corrections, they are good listeners and go straight to the Which what is intended to save us time, very important these days.

We are very pleased with the work done and many people praise our image and Websites, which we thank M@is3 because they gave ideas, did most of the texts, slogans and etc ...

At the moment there is another website delivered to a branch of our company in Angola, Logo was not approved in the registration of the company in Angola and they repeated it several times the same until its approval without charging anything for it.

They have made all the logos of our companies and helped in the creation of our image, our group has grown in a sustainable and gradually way, we give great value to the partners we have, and since we are here we want to thank M@is3 they have been one of our best partners , For professionalism, good service and good disposition, so we strongly advise your work.

  06.2018 - The Scontrading group has been working with M@is3 for approximately 5 years. Even though our company is based in Angola, the communication and responsiveness have been very good, which proves that internet and competent companies can turn the world into a small village. Up until this moment, we are satisfied with the services they provide and we recommend M@is3 to anyone who is looking for professional and functional solutions.

  06.2018 - I have been a client for 7 years and all is good with the services provided by them. They have remodeled my website, creating a new one that is very well done as far as I’m concerned. I used to have another website, created by someone I know but it was very hard to make the changes I needed in due time, among other things. Ever since I changed to M@is3, they have been great, all it takes is a phone call and sometimes they complete the alterations I request on the same day...M@is3 has good vibes!!!

  06.2018 - We have 5 Websites created by M@is3 and we have been working with them for more than 9 years, we are satisfied with the services they provide, in our case, this contact was very useful because they helped us with our image, photographs, etc… We created a new website in 2015 and everything went well, like it happened with the other websites.

We liked it and we are truly very satisfied with the customized and attentive service, the websites and the emails are always 100% functional.

Whenever we have requested maintenance, we were satisfied with the attention they had in calling us to remind us of one thing or another. It’s good to work with a company that cares about our business.

  02.2016 - We have been M@is3's client for over three years and they are the proof that it is better to have a professional company handling our web matters. I confess that we had a less than good experience with friends... We were lucky to find M@is3 that helped us in solving our problems with the domain and hosting, since then, everything has been going well. We developed a new website and from the beginning we made it clear that we wanted something different. At first we doubted that they would be able to do what we requested but they have in fact surpassed our expectations!!!

They thoroughly fulfill their 99% annual uptime and the web optimization works, we definitely recommend M@is3 as a partner for all web matters.

  12.2015 - We have been clients for about 2 years and we currently own 3 websites created by M@is3. Since we don’t have much time, we also requested the creation of the corporate image for our 3 companies, including the logo, email signatures, building the website, web optimization, everything was developed by M@is3. We have appreciated their services and we prefer and recommend all of the services they provide.

Our website, logo and image have been praised by several persons and we have M@is3 to thank for.

In 2015, we created another website and changed our email systems and when several client support interventions were needed and they came to our premises several times.

The websites have been very important for our activity.

For all of this, we strongly recommend M@is3's services.

  12.2016 - For about 3 years, we have been M@is3’s clients. We requested their services because we needed to implement a web optimization that really worked and had a low cost. M@is3 was recommended by one of our partners and we decided to try it out. They told us that if we changed our website to their hosting, we would have advantages.

I must confess that we were doubtful at first because we were faced with a company which was different from the others. They don’t say SEO, they say Web optimization… They have an easy going communication, I even questioned them about how they were handling the SEO proceedings and I was told not to worry because everything would be efficiently done, still I was doubtful.

They took care of the website maintenance to optimize it and implemented the SEO codes. The fact is that after 3 years, we are satisfied with their services and we foresee another project for which we will use their services. For all of the above, I recommend M@is3.

  06.2014 - We have been with M@is3 for 4 years. They have created our logo and helped us with the company’s corporate image as well as with the texts and Advertising and Communication Marketing.

We are satisfied with all the services they provided.

We strongly recommend M@is3's services.

  06.2015 - We have been clients for about 1 year and a half and we have entrusted several services to them who definitely have the best quality/price quality. Whoever is familiar with our management knows that this is a big compliment.

We consider M@is3 as a great business partner, we recommend their web and client support services, whenever we call someone answers and whatever the problem is, they solve it.

  06.2014 - We have been their clients since M@is3 began in 2007. We have developed 2 websites and 1 online store, currently all the management, product launching, etc. are all in the hands of M@is3. Since we have been with the company from the beginning, we can state that they have made an effort and evolved in the sense of improving the services they provide. It’s true that some situations have occurred but it is also a fact that any issues have been solved with acceptable speed and we are globally satisfied with the services provided.

    06.2015 - We have been with M@is3 for more than 5 years.

We are among the company’s first clients and since then, our website has always been 100% functional.

We thank them for all the attention they give us when there is some issue to solve and we consider M@is3a good partner!

  06.2014 - We are their clients for more than 5 years. Our company has a complete service with M@is3, Website, hosting, domain management, customized emails and Google campaigns.

We are 100% satisfied with their availability, professionalism and responsiveness. We definitely recommend M@is3 for all things web related.

  06.2014 - For the past 3 years we have been their clients and M@is3 has remodeled our website as well as the domain management for a cost which was inferior by half when compared to our old website. We are satisfied with the services they provide, mainly with the internet visibility and we have made several new contacts through our website. We definitely recommend M@is3. In fact, we have already recommended the company and as far as we know, those clients are also satisfied.